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Presented by Matthew T. McClintock, JD, TEP and David K. Cahoone, JD

Since 2001 the buzzword for estate tax planning has been “flexibility.” A ten-year phased-in temporary estate tax repeal, followed by a massive economic recession, followed by the 2012 Tax Act that mathematically repealed estate tax for 99.8% of the U.S. population… Estate planning in the U.S. has been anything but boring and predictable. What will the Trump Presidency and Republican-controlled Senate bring in the form of more tax changes? How will those changes impact the trust & estates industry?

We know that estate planning is about much more than taxes, but we also know that tax and non-tax issues must be balanced against each other for comprehensive solutions. We will explore key tax issues clients should consider in their estate planning, the impact of probable tax reforms coming soon, and focus on techniques to provide strategic legacy planning, inheritance preservation, and build flexibility into estate plans to adapt to future changes in law.

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