Elder Docx™ Software


Comprehensive Drafting

Included in the Elder Law Professional and Elite memberships, Elder Docx™ is cloud-based document-drafting software that allows you to create world-class elder law, special needs planning, and Veterans’ pension planning documents anywhere, on any device. With interactive interviews and customizable templates, Elder Docx has everything you need to draft confidently, competently, and efficiently.


World-Class Features

Easily customize drafting templates to fit the needs of your clients and practice.
Choose from an expansive catalog of elder law, special needs planning, and Veterans’ pension planning documents.
Technical legal footnotes provide additional context for trust provisions, and client summaries communicate documents in plain English.
Draft confidently knowing that our software is updated with the latest legal language and drafting best practices.

Why Elder Law?

Adding elder law to an existing practice can be highly profitable and rewarding. With 10,000 Americans turning sixty-five every day, there is a large market in need of planning services. See how you can start effectively serving your aging client base today.

Documents Included

The following is a sampling of the drafting documents included in Elder Docx.

Elder Docx

Long Term Care Planning
  • Standalone Will
  • Financial Power of Attorney
  • Revocable Living Trust
  • Third-Party Supplemental Needs Trust
  • Parental Protection Trust
  • Client Questionnaire
  • Decanting documents
  • Fee agreements
  • Marketing documents
  • General client letters
  • Portfolio inserts
Medicaid & Veterans Planning
  • Medicaid Asset Protection Letter
  • Medicaid Asset Protection Trust
  • Medicaid Family Protection Trust
  • Sole Benefit Trust
  • Qualified Income Trust
  • Caregiver Agreement
  • Veterans Asset Protection Letter
  • Veterans Asset Protection Trust
  • Gift and note/annuity calculators
  • General client letters
Special Needs Planning
  • Self-Settled Special Needs Trust (d4A)
  • Self-Settled Medical Set Aside (MSA) Trust
  • Secure Supplemental Needs Trust
  • Self-Settled Special Needs MSA Trust (d4A)
  • General client letters


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