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  • Louis W. Pierro, JD
  • Stan Miller, JD
  • Charles Coyne, ASA
  • Patrick Carlson, JD, LLM (Taxation)

The IRS recently announced sweeping changes to the ways our clients will be able to reduce taxes on their estates going forward. These changes announced as proposed regulations to section 2704 of the Internal Revenue Code, dealing with fractional interest discounts, are scheduled to become final at the end of 2016. Consequently there is a short timeframe for action and a brief opportunity to discuss with wealthier clients and their advisers what may be the last chance to use tried-and-true methods to reduce the estate taxes.

Watch this webinar to learn tax strategies, ideas and marketing ideas to help talk to your clients about how to take advantage of the remaining window of tax reduction opportunity, to create entities and make fractional interest gifts qualifying for discounts. These strategies will reduce their gift and estate taxes for generations.

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