Practice Building

WealthCounsel’s Practice Success meets you at every stage of your law practice to aid you in building your law business, propelling your marketing efforts, acquiring more clients, designing and improving your processes, and achieving your goals for the future.


No two attorneys or practices are alike. That is why all new WealthCounsel members are encouraged to take part in a free coaching session to receive one-on-one recommendations for the best programs, strategies, and resources to help them reach their goals. With this personal coaching, you can expect

  • a complimentary session with an attorney mentor,
  • tailored recommendations of WealthCounsel programs and resources for your unique position and goals, and
  • a touchpoint with an experienced attorney mentor who has personal experience building a law firm and can relate to the struggles faced by smaller firms.


A live, multiday, workshop, Estate Planning Bootcamp is designed specifically for new and transitioning estate planning attorneys who are looking to build a strong legal foundation along with the practice-building skills needed to confidently serve estate planning clients. This program will equip you with

  • a solid foundation in trusts and estates law;
  • practice-building education and resources, such as client acquisition strategies and marketing;
  • tips for designing your estate planning processes; and
  • live learning and exercises focused on common estate planning concepts.


Following Estate Planning Bootcamp (or completion of a course in basic estate planning), we recommend the First 25 program to prepare you to confidently find and serve your first (or next) 25 estate planning clients. Presented with Atticus, WealthCounsel offers this six-month program of group coaching, education, and accountability to help you excel at obtaining and nurturing clients and cultivating referral relationships. With the First 25, you get

  • two monthly group coaching sessions that cover client acquisition, referral network development, and practice management;
  • monthly check-ins with an accountability group and a Practice Success mentor to help you stay on track and meet your goals; and
  • tools, tips, and resources for marketing, running your practice, building referral relationships, and more.
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Do you want to attract new clients and keep them happy? Are you looking to nurture your existing relationships with valued referral sources? The Practice Development™ subscription is designed to help trusts and estates attorneys like you improve their practice’s marketing efforts and reach and grow their business. As a Practice Development™ subscriber, each month you will enjoy a host of robust resources, content, insights, and tips to simplify your firm’s marketing:

  • Automated client and advisor newsletters
  • Turnkey marketing packages
  • Weekly attorney-written blogs
  • Brandable social media content
  • Weekly tips to manage and grow your law practice
  • Preferred listing on

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Growth and success require an understanding of the business of law—something law school doesn’t teach you. WealthCounsel’s monthly practice-building webinars can provide you with the knowledge, skills, and resources you need to successfully grow and run your practice, with topics such as improving your initial consultation, website best practices, digital marketing and social media, outsourcing and hiring to improve your firm’s capacity, and more.

View our educational calendar to see upcoming webinars.


This in-person workshop will transform your mindset about growth and finances and provide you with structured tools to quickly optimize revenue generation. Facilitated by WealthCounsel member and Atticus shareholder Steve Riley, JD, participants will generate dozens of breakthrough ideas, and build a 10-step Practice Growth Map™. You'll identify specific goals for your practice, and develop a structured execution plan to achieve those goals. You'll leave the workshop armed with tools to help you stay focused on activities that bring the greatest return. 

Registration for the next in-person workshop is open now!

When: November 11, 2021

Where: Hyatt Regency in Orlando, Florida

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Take your practice to the next level with WealthCounsel’s Practice Growth Program, presented with Atticus. This program is designed for experienced estate planning attorneys looking to improve both their practice and their lives by examining

  • techniques to manage marketing, staffing, pricing, and time;
  • how to out-market the competition;
  • how to create a staff of all-stars through proper hiring and training; and
  • growth and technology strategies to increase cash flow.

Facilitated by certified Atticus practice advisers who have built and grown their own successful estate planning law firms, the Practice Growth Program will provide you with resources, coaching, and an achievable path for success.

*The Practice Growth Program might be right for you if you have at least one staff member or are willing to hire one, you earn over $100,000 in personal income, and you are a solo practitioner, shareholder, or partner in your firm.

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