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WealthCounsel meets you at every stage of your law practice to help you build and grow your law business, propel your marketing efforts, acquire more clients, design and improve your processes, and achieve your goals for the future.

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Support at Every Milestone

I am a new or transitioning attorney. Where do I start?

Estate Planning Bootcamp is a live, multi-session, virtual workshop designed to equip new and transitioning estate planners with the foundational legal concepts and skills needed to build a successful practice and confidently serve estate planning clients.

This workshop is available to all WealthCounsel members.

I am just starting my estate planning practice and need clients.

First 25 is a six-month group coaching program that helps estate planning attorneys who are just beginning their practice acquire their first twenty-five estate planning clients. The program mixes coaching, accountability, and practice-building education with marketing strategies and resources to help you gain momentum and build a thriving practice.

This affordable program is offered in partnership with Atticus and is only available to WealthCounsel members.

I have been practicing for a while and want to take it to the next level.

The Estate Planning Practice Growth Program™ (PGP) is a group coaching program designed to significantly increase your income, dramatically decrease stress, and ensure that you implement the fundamental practice management systems that reduce the firm’s dependency on you.

This program is offered in partnership with Atticus. Attorneys who have at least $100,000 in net annual income and at least one staff member (or are willing to hire a staff member) are eligible to apply.

I want to create marketing content to keep clients engaged, reach new clients, and build relationships.

The Marketing Source™ subscription is designed to help trust and estate attorneys grow their business and improve their practice’s marketing efforts across several channels with content marketing and other marketing tools. With a host of attorney-prepared resources, content, insights, and tips to help you run a successful practice, Practice Development subscribers enjoy the following benefits each month:

  • Automated client and advisor newsletters
  • Turnkey marketing packages
  • Weekly attorney-written blog content
  • Social media tools and other brandable resources


WealthCounsel works with our members to build and grow their practices. From a complimentary one-on-one coaching session and monthly webinars to education for your staff, we have the tools and expertise to help you achieve your goals.

1:1 Coaching

WealthCounsel offers new members the opportunity to participate in a complimentary coaching session with an attorney mentor. This mentor not only recommends WealthCounsel programs and resources for your unique position and goals, but also serves as a touchpoint with an experienced attorney who has personal experience building a law firm and can relate to the struggles faced by solo and small firms.

Practice-Building Education

Growth and success require an understanding of the business of law—something law school does not teach you. WealthCounsel’s practice-building webinars can provide you with the knowledge, skills, and resources you need to successfully grow and run your practice. Topics covered include improving your initial consultation, website best practices, digital marketing and social media, outsourcing and hiring to improve your firm’s capacity, and more.

Bootcamp for Nonlawyers

This two-day intensive course covers an array of topics from foundational estate planning concepts and workflow best practices to Wealth Docx® drafting tips and tricks, time management, and improving systems and processes. This one-of-a-kind professional development opportunity is perfect for any paralegal, legal assistant, or staff member in your law firm who wants to enhance their estate planning knowledge and skills.

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