Marketing Source™

Grow Your Practice

Content Marketing for Law Firms

Marketing Source delivers time-saving, expertly-crafted content ready for you to implement in your email, blog, social media, and in-person marketing efforts, helping you to grow your business and position yourself as the go-to attorney in your practice area.

Blog Content

Ready-to-use blog articles that you can post throughout the month

Social Media

Long-form and short-form social media posts for each blog


Newsletter content for clients and referral sources sent through Constant Contact


Checklists, diagrams, guides, and quizzes that you can brand with your firm's logo and share with clients


Customizable presentation slides complete with scripts and suggested edits for your jurisdiction

Better Marketing in Less Time

How does it work?

WealthCounsel’s experienced Practice Success team develops proven client- and advisor-focused content that is delivered to you monthly. Instead of spending your time writing and creating marketing materials to reach and maintain relationships with clients and referral sources, you can focus on doing what you do best—providing top-notch legal services.

Estate Planning Subscription

  • 15+ pieces of content delivered on the first Tuesday of each month related to a specific topic or strategy
  • A Constant Contact account that serves as your marketing platform to send newsletters and emails, and manage campaigns, events, and metrics
  • Newsletters for clients and referral sources
  • Ready-to-use weekly blog content
  • Weekly practice-building tips delivered to your inbox on various topics, such as hiring and training staff, increasing profit, managing your time, and more

Monthly Marketing Packages

  • A video tutorial with explanations and suggestions for each marketing package
  • Additional blog content related to the month’s theme
  • Social media content
  • Brandable client handouts
  • Presentations for referral sources and clients with scripts and suggested edits for your jurisdiction
  • Talking points for clients and referral sources


Pricing is based on the size of your firm and the nature of your practice. Accordingly, we have found that the best way to get pricing appropriate for your firm is to schedule a call with a Practice Development Consultant to discuss your goals and needs, walk through the software, and explore how a WealthCounsel membership can benefit your practice. Fill out the form below to schedule a demo.

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