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Blogging for Business 101

If you haven't considered starting a blog for your law business, you should. Here are a few reasons why:

  1. It drives search traffic to your websiteHubspot reports that sites with a blog received 55% more visitors than those without a blog.
  2. It generates leads — Per MarketingSherpa research, blogs were considered a top tool for driving leads.
  3. It establishes your authority and thought leadership in your industry — Be the go-to resource for legal content to attract clients and referrals.
  4. It drives long-term results — Blog content is often "evergreen" and gets indexed by search engines that will continue to send visitors to your site months, even years, later.
  5. It's fun - Express yourself and have a 2-way dialogue with clients, prospects, and your peers.

So How Do You Start A Blog?

It's easy, cheap, and painless! Start by downloading our handy guide, "How To Launch A Business Blog" for some quick tips. This is part of our ongoing series "Social Media for Attorneys."