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Presented by: Keith Davis, CPA, JD

Please complete the form below to access this webinar. During this practical webinar, you’ll learn key tips for how to measure and increase your law business’s financial performance.

You’ll learn:

  • How to Make Your Law Practice a Lifestyle Business
    • Understanding the Metrics that are Important to Achieve the Life You Want
    • Understanding How to Use Those Metrics to Make What You Want
  • Understanding Your Profit Drivers
    • Defining The Five Factors That Drive Law Firm Profitability
    • Measuring Your Performance on Each of the Factors
    • Improving Each Factor Using Proven Techniques
  • Accounting For Your Increasing Profitability
    • Key accounting reports to improve your practice
    • What you should track and why
    • What is really important
  • Measuring Your Results Against Published Bar Statistics
    • Law Office Overhead
    • Gross Revenue Trends
    • Estate/elder Law attorney average / median income and trend

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