Making Strides: Legacies of Resilience

WealthCounsel Stands supports families and communities across the country. Legacy building is at the heart of what we all do, and we hope to create a lasting impact in our communities and for our members that extend beyond document drafting.

This month we will be supporting the American Cancer Society’s Making Strides Against Breast Cancer event. This event aims to raise awareness and funds for new treatments and support services for those affected by breast cancer. With over 2 million employees and volunteers, American Cancer Society’s mission is to free the world from the pain and suffering caused by cancer.

Our October charity

The American Cancer Society (ACS) was founded over 100 years ago by a group of 15 individuals in New York City. During a time when a cancer diagnosis meant certain death, the charity’s founders knew they had to destigmatize the disease and raise public awareness if scientific progress was to be made.

Over the decades, ACS has raised and invested over $4.6 billion in cancer research, which has gone toward not only finding a cure for cancer, but also improving the quality of life for those receiving treatment. With ACS’s development of lifesaving drugs such as tamoxifen and Herceptin, and an improved understanding of the genes linked to breast cancer, the rate of cancer-related deaths have decreased by 25% in America.

In addition to raising funds for cancer research, ACS also provides comprehensive patient support for those diagnosed with cancer, as well as educational materials on prevention, breast cancer symptoms, and treatment options for the public.

Knowledge is power

Besides skin cancer, breast cancer is the most prevalent cancer among women, affecting over a quarter of a million individuals each year. While 1 in 8 american women will be diagnosed in her lifetime, breast cancer can also be found in men. Last year, over 2,500 men were diagnosed with invasive breast cancer.

In order to find a cure, researchers need to better understand the genetic and environmental factors associated with breast cancer. To help scientists find those answers the ACS is investing more than $50 million in breast cancer research through its research and training grants. Currently, the ACS has awarded 159 grants, each associated with conducting research in different areas relevant to the disease—including genetics, etiology, diagnostics, drug development, as well as studies in prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and improving quality of life.

WealthCounsel Stands looks forward to serving its communities by standing with ACS just as we stand with our members. During October, WealthCounsel Stands will help raise breast cancer awareness by participating in the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer event. We will also be giving a direct donation to ACS to support their research efforts to find a cure for breast cancer and all other types of cancer.

This is just the beginning, but we’re excited to get to work and stand together.

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