Thriving in Estate Planning Resources

Thriving in Estate Planning

All eyes have been on Capitol Hill leading up to the election. While Americans adjust to election results and the last quarter of a volatile year, do not overlook the time-sensitive estate planning opportunities of the current economic environment:

The Future of Estate Planning - Webinar Recordings

The State of the Election and What it Means for Financial Planning - Podcast (11/5/2020)(25:17)

Thriving in Estate Planning: Looking Ahead to the 2020 Election and Beyond 3-Part Webinar Series - Webinar Recordings
(9/30/20-10/2/20) (88:46; 87:44; 90:48)


The Spousal Lifetime Access Trust: A Gifting and Creditor Protection Technique - Webinar Recording
(5/21/19) (58:17)

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3 Estate Planning Strategies in a Low Interest Rate Environment (GRAT/CLAT/IDGT) - Blog Post

Select Issues in Planning with Grantor Trusts - Webinar Recording
(6/21/18) (58:03)

Grantor Trusts: What Are They and When Should You Use Them - Webinar Recording
(1/18/18) (60:00)

Excerpt from EP200: Estate Planning Essentials, Part 6 - Learn More About How Split Interest Trusts and GRATs Work - Webinar Recording
(8/29/16) (35:56)

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Introduction to Advanced Estate Planning: Selected Issues Concerning FLPs and LLCs - Webinar Recording
(3/7/19) (1:30:29)

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Counseling Charitably Inspired Clients During the Unprecedented Fall of 2020 - Webinar Recording
(10/7/20) (1:24:04)

CRT Solutions for SECURE Act Tax Disaster - Webinar Recording
(3/12/20) (56:45)

Inter Vivos Charitable Remainder Trusts - WealthCounsel Quarterly (3/1/19)

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Estate Planning for IRAs and 401Ks after the SECURE Act - Webinar Recording
(10/15/20) (1:28:30)

The Benefits of Basis Planning - Blog Post

What’s a Transfer Tax? The Role of Income Tax Planning in an Age of High Exemptions - Webinar Recording
(8/2/18) (51:48)

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Self-Directed IRA Investment Options & Rules for Today's Market - Recorded Webinar
(10/23/20) (1:03:55)

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