The Practice Growth Program™ Child Example

Make your practice work for you.

The skills required to start a practice are different from those required to grow and scale a practice. When you rely too heavily on start-up skills, you can quickly become overworked and frustrated by your lack of growth. The livestream Estate Planning Practice Growth Program™ (EP PGP), provided by WealthCounsel and Atticus, uses proven methods to break down the steps to create the life and practice you desire.

Benefits of the Program

- Significantly increase your income - Dramatically decrease stress - Reach a healthier work-life balance - Attract the right clients for your practice
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Expected Results

- 25% increase in gross revenue the first year - 15% decrease in time spent at the office - 20% increase in the average fee per client

How it Works

Group Coaching

You’ll have the advantage of working with the best law firm coaches in the country along with collaboratively learning from other growth-minded legal professionals.

Monthly Accountability Check-Ins

Implement immediate changes with private, one-on-one accountability and support calls with your dedicated Atticus Resource Advisor.

Marketing Resources and Tools

Enjoy access to books, forms, resources, webinars, and podcasts from Atticus’ comprehensive library of tools curated to help lawyers like you build practices they love.


Connect with a supportive community of fellow attorneys who are walking alongside you on the journey toward practice transformation.

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