Practice Growth Program

Take your estate planning practice to the next level with tried-and-tested secrets of law firm growth.
Experience transformation and results in your law firm.

What is the Estate Planning Practice Growth Program?

The Estate Planning Practice Growth Program™ (EP PGP) is a group coaching program designed to significantly increase your income, dramatically decrease stress, and ensure you implement the fundamental practice management systems that reduce the firm’s dependency on you. This powerful program uses proven methods to break down the steps behind creating the life and practice you desire. The skills required to start a practice are different from the tools required to grow and scale that practice. The EP PGP program helps you assess exactly where you need support and assists you in creating a plan and implementing changes that revolutionize your practice.


How the EP PGP Works

  1. A focus on the cornerstones of practice growth: Every law practice desiring substantial growth and freedom must master time management, client development, staffing, and cash flow/profitability.
  2. A proven formula for implementation: Discover how to immediately implement significant change in your practice and life.
  3. A robust community of support: Join with like-minded estate planning attorneys for monthly intensive, half-day coaching workshops facilitated by experienced attorneys and coaches who have created the same change you hope to see in your firm. These attorneys and coaches will facilitate a step-by-step breakdown of the turnkey law office systems into smaller, manageable action steps.

The EP Practice Growth Program is the key to:

  • Increase revenue by at least 25%, potentially doubling your revenue thereafter
  • Attracting the clients you enjoy serving
  • Creating systems and processes that bring freedom by allowing you to take more time off
  • Hiring and developing a strong team of dynamic individuals who help keep your practice running smoothly

What You Will Receive

  • Group Coaching. As a participant of the EP PGP, you will walk away from each half-day work session with the tools to eliminate distractions and focus on the work that matters most. Each session delves into the specific tactics and strategies needed to take your firm to the next level. These monthly workshops introduce a high level of information, tools and systems — down to practical forms and specific scripts, processes and much more in four key areas: time management, marketing, staffing and cash flow. All designed to speed implementation and results. Each session includes a relentless focus on marketing.
  • Monthly Accountability Check-Ins. During your first year, the Atticus team will consult with, coach, encourage, make accountable, support and teach you the secrets to implementing all of the resources and tools. Doing so actually means you’ll see real change, which will provide immediate and long-term benefits. Implement immediate changes with your private 1-on-1 accountability and support calls with your dedicated Atticus Resource Advisor. Together, you will begin experiencing significant growth and freedom.
  • Marketing Resources and Tools. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Enjoy access to books, forms, resources, webinars and podcasts from Atticus’ comprehensive library of tools curated to help lawyers like you build practices they love. Additionally, Each quarter, you will complete a My 90-Day Focus™. With each session, you will be rejuvenated, refocused, and reenergized to implement systems that you’d only hoped for in the past.
  • Community. Connect with a supportive community of fellow attorneys walking alongside on the journey towards practice transformation.

Do You Qualify?
To participate in the Practice Growth Program, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Your personal net income is more than $100,000 per year
  • You have at least one full-time staff member (or are willing to hire one full-time staff member within the first month)
  • You are a solo practitioner, shareholder, or partner in your firm
  • You are coachable

It can work for you...

  • If you meet the minimum criteria, and are committed to growing, revenues will increase. Your revenue at least 25% each year while creating more free time for yourself
  • If you are tired of working long days, having days filled with interruptions, finding it difficult to get home on time, concerned about finding good clients, dealing with staffing headaches, or your revenues are flat or declining ... yes, it will work for you.
  • If you understand the Critical Distinction that the law firm is a business and it should serve your life, not the other way around ... yes, it will work for you.

Results to expect:

  • 25% increase in gross revenue the first year.
  • 15% decrease in time at the office.
  • 20% increase in the average fee per file.
  • Dramatic decrease in interruptions and stress.
  • Ability to leave work on time, have weekends free, and a minimum of two weeks’ vacation each year.
  • Implementation of the four foundations of practice growth.
    • Time management
    • Marketing
    • Staffing
    • Cash Flow
  • More control over your practice, personal time and independence.
  • A highly functioning marketing process to attract high-value clients.
  • Increase in confidence, personal focus and productivity.
  • Referrals from the other attorneys in your program. Most participants develop strong bonds with other members. Some co-counsel on cases, and partner on marketing ventures.


The Estate Planning Practice Growth Program LIVESTREAM

Monthly Livestream Coaching Workshops

Key investment* $1,000
Monthly investment per attorney $995/mo
Monthly investment per staff member
(i.e., key assistant, team leader, etc)


Coaching, Guidance and Direction in a Collaborative Learning Structure
You’ll have the advantage of working with the best law firm coaches in the country along with collaboratively learning from other growth minded legal professionals.

Implementation Support and Changes You Want
You'll have monthly 1-on-1 accountability and support calls with your Atticus Resource Advisor™. This will help you eliminate obstacles to running your practice efficiently and will fuel your ability to achieving your goals more quickly.

Annual Admission to the National Solo & Small Law Firm Conference
At THE SUMMIT (Atticus' National Solo & Small Law Firm Conference), you'll be exposed to the latest thinking and innovations in the legal community. Ticket value = $1,695.

The Evolving Best Practice Workshop (Lab)
You'll have access to the brightest minds in the industry in this monthly live-stream workshop. You’ll learn new strategies to boost revenue and performance. The best performing law firms constantly evolve, and this livestream will expose you to new ideas and strategies to market better, hire smarter, and increase your profit margin.

The "Yikes" Hotline
When you are hit by a crisis, you will have a direct hotline to get the support of Atticus to help you navigate obstacles and overcome the unexpected challenges you face as a practice owner.

The Practice Growth Series™
This monthly webinar series will bring you the latest experts, practice strategies, and nuts-and-bolts techniques. Yearly value = $995

The Solo and Small Firm Foundations for Growth™
You have full access to the online Atticus Resource Center™ to download eBooks filled with hundreds of tools and worksheets, articles on issues you care about, and access to exclusive recordings led by certified Practice Advisors. Collective value = $5,000.

Atticus Library of Books, Webinars, and Podcasts
You don't have time to "reinvent the wheel" when you need solutions. On your bookshelf and at your fingertips, you'll have immediate solutions, strategies, and tools based on our three decades of helping lawyers build thriving practices. Book library collective value = $240.85

*Your approval for membership and your key investment unlock access to exclusive resources, materials, forms, and recordings. Your Resource Advisor will schedule a call to onboard you and to prepare you for your first session.


How long is the program?

Most EP PGP attendees participate in a program for approximately 24 months.

What is the time commitment?

Frequency of meetings:

  • Monthly half-day workshops
  • Monthly check-ins with your accountability coach (Atticus Resource Advisor) to ensure your 90-day plans are moving along
  • Monthly webinars led by an Atticus coach

Is there a time commitment outside of the virtual classroom?

Yes. You will be creating a practice growth plan. It will only work if you execute this plan outside of the coaching classroom.

What if I am not able to attend a session?

Will the sessions be recorded? Live participation is strongly encouraged. However, for exigent or unexpected circumstances, we will record sessions and send them to you.

Will this be offered again? How frequently?

Yes, it will be offered again. We anticipate another EP PGP in Q1 of 2021

Cancellation and Refund Policy for the Estate Planning Practice Growth Program (Livestream):

To cancel your registration, please contact Member Services at or phone 888-659-4069, ext. 818.

  • No refunds of the initial key investment and related registration fees will be made over the amount actually paid by the registrant for the EP PGP participation and registration.
  • Registrants must make a cancellation request no more than two calendar days (48 hours) after the first official session date for a full refund of the key investment and related registration fees.
  • Any cancellations made more than two calendar days (48 hours) after the first official session of the cycle will result in the forfeiture of 100% of the initial key investment and any related registration fees. Registrants will receive no refund of any initial key investment or related registration fees.
  • After that, at least thirty (30) days' notice is required to make any subsequent cancellation requests for monthly charges related to this group coaching program.

Why is CLE not offered for this program?

This coaching program is not eligible for CLE because there will be no substantive legal education.

Are there any prerequisites for this program?

Yes. Either Bootcamp or EP 100 (**also see minimum requirements above)

I would like my {law partner, associate, manager, etc.} to attend with me. Are you offering group discounts?

See the program fee schedule above.

Can my paralegal attend? Is there a paralegal discount?
See the program fee schedule above.

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