Marketing Materials - Healthcare Directives 2020



Begin by customizing the language in each piece of content to fit your own voice, brand, and ideal client. You may need to add some additional information that your ideal client will be interested in hearing—or remove content that doesn’t pertain to them. Don’t forget to include any state or practice-specific information into the piece.


Now that your content is ready to go, you’ll need to upload it onto whatever platform you’re using to share it with your audience. This could be a social media site, your website’s blog, an email, or onto printed letterhead.


Now hit that share/send/print button! Don’t forget to follow up promptly with any engagement you might receive with this content—that means answering questions on your blog post, social media post, or email. Engagement is the key to developing a strong, positive relationship with potential clients, as well as a good reputation as a thought leader in your community and among referral sources.

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