Couldn't join us in Boston this year?
See a few Symposium 2019 sessions on our live stream:

Wednesday, July 31, from 2:45 - 3:45 PM ET, "Vision Strategy, and Execution - A Framework to Improve Your Law Firm" with Dick Cross, WealthCounsel CEO
Often, attorneys reach a point when they realize that legal skills, alone, are insufficient to deliver the rewards of their aspirations. Running a practice is different, seldom taught in law schools and not necessarily intuitive. Dick Cross’s Vision-Strategy-Execution method became the baseline for his two best-sellers and for The Mid-Tier President’s Course he authored and taught at Harvard. Also, it has been the pivot point for every company he has run, and for many others where it lifted rewards beyond prior expectations. Listen to Dick’s stories about his experiences and learn how to take Vision-Strategy-Execution back home and into your own practice.

Thursday, August 1, from 9:40 - 10:55 AM ET, "Be the CEO of Your Practice" with Carl Waldman, WealthCounsel Chairman of the Board, and Dick Cross, WealthCounsel CEO
WealthCounsel CEO, Dick Cross, brings years of experience as a CEO, leader of companies, and mentor to CEOs. In this presentation, Dick explains how sound business practices are crucial to the successful law practice. Dick will articulate how WealthCounsel is uniquely positioned to help attorneys achieve business success.

Thursday, August 1, from 11:15 AM - 12:00 PM ET, "The Power of WealthCounsel Peer Groups" with Peer Group moderators Thomas Fafinski and Nathan Nelson, and Dick Cross, WealthCounsel CEO

Running a law firm can be a lonely proposition. The pace is fast, your time is stressed, and you may feel like you are the primary person in all three major roles within the law firm – the producer, the originator, and the administrator. Your business will begin to blossom if you get out of the way and let others succeed. How do you do this? It was never taught in law school. The peer or mastermind group concept is a method of collaborating to understand and implement best practices across all 3 major roles. It helps you to migrate these roles to others while managing them and facilitates the transition of your job as a lawyer into a real law firm. This is a tool that has been used by some of the greatest business people in America to help them succeed. Attendees will learn how to answer these questions:

  • What is the peer group solution all about?
  • What type of peer group might be right, i.e., local and multi-industry or national and estate planning specific?
  • Should I find a group that is professionally facilitated?
  • How do I determine if the group is the right fit?