We don’t just hire attorneys! It takes a dynamic, diverse team of hard-working people to run a business as robust as ours, and we employ people across a variety of skill sets, locations and areas of expertise.
You’ll be valued here.
We foster an inclusive, welcoming work culture–very much like the culture our members enjoy. That means you’ll have freedom to grow and learn, take part in decision-making and sharing your ideas, grass-roots style. We believe strongly in transparency, so you will always know how we’re doing and where we’re going.
You’ll fit right in.

Hiring people who gel professionally and culturally is important to us. We look for those who demonstrate:

  • Team spirit. You respect others, communicate well and go the extra mile for your team and for WealthCounsel members.
  • Self-motivation. You can work productively on your own and are comfortable working remotely or virtually.
  • Initiative. You contribute ideas, expertise and knowledge–and you enjoy an entrepreneurial, grassroots-style workplace.
  • Confidence. You believe in yourself, your decisions and your talents.
  • Flexibility. You’re comfortable going with the flow, trying new things and challenging yourself.
  • Excellence. You bring your A-game to work every day.
You’ll be rewarded.

At WealthCounsel, we hold our people in the highest esteem. We provide employees:

  • A competitive salary
  • Full medical and dental benefits
  • A bi-annual bonus program
  • New tools and technology
  • Training and development (personal and professional)
  • Travel to our annual company meeting
  • Perks like paid gym memberships, home Internet and phone
WealthCounsel is an Equal Opportunity Employer.


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