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by A.J. Fudge, JD | Contributing Guest Writer, Law Offices of AJ Fudge

It’s gratifying to uncover an issue or identify a solution that our client hasn’t thought of yet, and you see the relief expressed on their face that silently says, “I’m so glad you thought of that.” It is these moments when your client truly begins to appreciate the value that you add for them. When you spot something other attorneys have not, it gives your client a lot of confidence that they made the right choice in working with you.

One easy and meaningful way for you to do this is by addressing one of the most commonly overlooked aspects of an estate plan, and one that is essential for many clients: continuing care for their animals. Most estate planning attorneys pay little or no attention to their clients’ animals, and this omission can have heartbreaking consequences for clients. If your client has animals, those animals are a part of the family in some way or another. Sensitive planning for the client’s needs requires that the plan provide for those animals. Learn how to do that in this article.