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by Matthew T. McClintock, JD | Vice President of Education, WealthCounsel

In Part I of this series on Trust Modification, I addressed the first three — the simplest— modification options: Reformation, Procedural Modification and Equitable Deviation. Now let’s continue up the stair steps to Part II and the more complex option of decanting. Decanting trusts is a strategy that is increasingly gaining the attention of estate planning professionals. Essentially, it's a creative and flexible yet still underused strategy to modify an irrevocable trust.

Download this Insight Brief, "Take a Mulligan: Irrevocable Trust Modification, Part II - Decanting" to explore why this might be a viable option for your clients and how trust decanting can provide new revenue streams for your practice and set you apart from your competition. Then learn how to successfully add this service and market it to your clients by watching our recent webinar, "How to Increase Law Firm Revenue with Trust Decanting" by esteemed attorney, Foss Hooper.