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By Thomas J. Ray, Jr., Esq, Wealth Docx Executive Editor

In fall 2014, the Asset Protection Advisory Group— which includes Jeff Matsen, who is featured in this issue—met to review WealthCounsel’s Domestic Asset Protection Trust module. The group suggested some minor enhancements to the system but more importantly, suggested the addition of a new asset protection tool: The Wealth Docx Third-Party Domestic Asset Protection Trust.

The Third-Party DAPT is the brainchild of Las Vegas attorney Steve Oshins (who calls it the Hybrid DAPT). It is an alternative to the traditional Domestic Asset Protection Trust, legislation of which has been enacted by several jurisdictions. (The most popular DAPTs are creatures of the Alaska, Delaware, Nevada, and South Dakota statutes, and Wealth Docx gives you the ability to create a DAPT using the laws of those states.)

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