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By: Mark Powers and Shawn McNalis, Atticus, Inc.

In 2001, a family law attorney in Dallas, Texas assembled a group of interested attorneys to discuss practice management issues. The plan was to meet once a month in a member’s office and either discuss a business book or listen to a guest speaker. The idea was to hone their legal skills, learn from one another, and work “on” their practices. What he didn’t anticipate is that the group would develop into an informal referral network. The more they got together, the more they became invested in one another’s success and a steady stream of referrals was the result. Without realizing it, our friend from the Lone Star state started a ‘marketing alliance,’ which can be loosely defined as any group of two or more people who come together to support each other’s success.

Like many things in life, developing new business is easier if you get a little help from your friends. Teaming up with even one other person can make all the difference. According to the attorneys who have tried it, there is safety—and success—in numbers.

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