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By: Mark Powers and Shawn McNalis, Atticus, Inc.

What can a mouse teach us about personal presentation? As it turns out, quite a lot. Visit any Disney property throughout the world and you’ll encounter clean scrubbed, well-groomed employees who’ll give you directions, sell you a balloon, or serve your meals. Each person (Disney refers to employees as members of their “cast”) you meet is costumed according to the role they play and all conform to rigorous standards of appearance.nSupporting this effort are extensive backstage facilities dedicated to making, cleaning and distributing thousands of custom made costumes each day. To complete their look, each employee is given written grooming guidelines to follow and management doesn’t tolerate deviations. Excess facial hair can be a firing offense.

Why does Disney spend millions of dollars and a great deal of effort maintaining the look of their employees? What does this have to do with you and your law firm? More than you might think.

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