Build A Smarter Practice.

WealthCounsel is your one-stop solution for building a successful estate planning practice. Whether you are an attorney or a financial professional, membership in The Advisors Forum provides the competitive edge you need to build a stronger book of business.

As a member of The Advisors Forum, you have exclusive access to proven business development resources to grow your practice.

Forum members benefit from insight into what’s truly important to successful estate planners and are armed with the marketing tools (below) that will give you top of mind recognition with attorneys and other wealth professionals.

Your Marketing Kit includes a video from Matthew T. McClintock, CEO of The WealthCounsel Companies, which will help you open new doors by illustrating your unique value to these much sought after wealth professionals.

Marketing Tools

  • CCA™ Designation
    CCA™ Designation

    Admired by estate planners who have garnered trusted relationships with high net worth clients. Access to 24/7 self-paced coursework.

  • Marketing Kit
    Marketing Kit

    Leverage our brand to unlock the doors to creating advisor friendly attorney and CPA relationships.

  • CLE Study Groups
    CLE Study Groups

    Monthly CLE webinars, hosted in your office, to help you and the attorney build long-term partnerships.

  • CPE Study Groups
    CPE Study Groups

    Monthly CPE webinars, hosted in your office, reinforcing your value and understanding of their profession.

  • Community

    Connects you with other wealth professionals with whom you can discuss strategies to better serve client needs.

  • Online Member Directory
    Online Member Directory

    Your contact information is visible online and is searchable by estate planners, CPAs as well as the general public.