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If your practice includes estate planning, business
planning, or if you're considering transitioning to
these practice areas, we can help.

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What is WealthCounsel?

An active community of over 3,600 estate planning and wealth management professionals. Continuing legal education to keep you sharp and up-to-date. Programs and tools for marketing and building your practice. And the leading drafting solutions technology in the business. Let the collective wisdom of WealthCounsel help you create the practice you need for the success you deserve. Practice Excellence.

Event Calendar

  1. May 1stWhat's New in BusinessDocx, Part 1
  2. May 2ndNorthern California Forum Meeting
  3. May 2ndMissouri Forum Meeting
  4. May 2ndMassachusetts Forum Meeting
  5. May 12thTrust Administration Intensive (Vir...
  6. May 12thWhether to Wed
  7. May 13thRLT Drafting Intensive (Virtual Cou...
  8. May 14thTrust Administration Intensive (Vir...
  9. May 15thFarm Business and Estate Planning
  10. May 16thMichigan Forum Meeting
  11. May 16thTrust Administration Intensive (Vir...
  12. May 19thTrust Administration Intensive (Vir...
  13. May 20thNevada Forum Meeting
  14. May 21stTrust Administration Intensive (Vir...
  15. May 22ndWord on the Street: Planning with P...