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As you know, small- and mid-sized business clients require specialized, customized documents they can understand. Unfortunately, those documents aren’t always easy to draft — unless you have Business Docx. Business Docx is the magic bullet for creating beautifully tailored and accurate documents with confidence and speed. You’ll demonstrate your legal expertise and your business savvy — which these clients will surely appreciate.

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Why Business Docx?

Business Docx provides interactive templates for drafting documents pertaining to business formation and startup, exit and succession, operational matters, and client communications.

You get...

  • Business planning software that’s intuitive and helps you learn as you’re drafting
  • A robust library of business plan templates for a variety of business clients
  • Peace of mind knowing all legal and regulatory change are automatically updated for you
  • Built-in task management, research, and business succession planning tools
  • Client-friendly executive summaries (Buy-Sell, LLC, etc.)
  • Contextual help, legal citations, and expert commentary to guide you through drafting
  • Confidence that your documents are current, accurate, and polished

“Business Docx does such a great job of educating that I can tell a client: here’s your document, here’s how it works, here’s why we did it this way and here’s why you’re going to enjoy working with me.”

Sarah Ostahowski, JD - Member since 2011

Your practice gets...

  • Increased efficiency by eliminating costly, time-consuming manual drafting
  • More time and bandwidth for new legal services and new clients
  • Built-in help for staff to learn and develop new skills
  • Consistent, cohesive, professional looking documents across the firm
  • Content developed by expert business attorneys
  • A system that helps support staff draft complex documents
  • A comprehensive client maintenance program
  • Confidence in the business

“We don't just get tremendous documents with Business Docx; we get tremendous education that teaches us how to service our clients and help them grow their businesses.”

Jimmie L. Joe, JD - Member since 2002

Your clients get...

  • Documents that are easy to understand and written “in plain English”
  • The most up-to-date legal business information
  • Faster response time and document delivery
  • Consistent, thorough communications
  • More of your time and expertise
  • Confidence in you

“My clients are so impressed when they see the work that’s been created. It makes me look professional, and they see the value in their documents.”

Teresa Nuccio, JD - Member since 2001

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