Gun Docx™: Gun Trust and Firearms Transfer Drafting Software

Millions of Americans own firearms, and it is essential for all gun owners to plan in advance for the safe transfer of these assets. Gun Docx enables you to address — and capitalize upon — this growing need for firearm-specific legacy planning. Using always up-to-date templates, you’ll quickly, easily and, accurately be able to provide firearms planning and draft traditional gun trusts and NFA firearms trusts for your clients.

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Drafting for conventional and NFA trusts

With Gun Docx, you can:

  • Prepare gun trusts for the use, possession, and transfer of firearms
  • Advise and protect clients regarding complex state and federal regulations
  • Draft documents quickly, using an automated, easy-to-learn system
  • Grow your practice by meeting a growing need
  • Introduce a new niche of clients to your core trusts and estate planning services
  • Keep NFA gun trust documents current with regular legal updates

“GunDocx has opened up new opportunities with clients I didn’t have access to before to provide estate planning, business planning and succession planning. ”

Shawn J. Estep, JD, LLM Taxation - Member since 2011

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