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The GunDocx Trust and Legacy Planning System

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The GunDocx® Trust and Legacy Planning System provides a comprehensive approach to NFA trusts and firearms planning. Gun owners are a large segment of the population and are passionate about issues ranging from the Second Amendment to hunting, competitive shooting, collecting, as well as legacy planning.

WealthCounsel recognized that this active and conscientious segment of the population has unique planning needs that are not being addressed. The GunDocx System equips estate planning attorneys to serve and bond with clients through firearms-specific legacy planning. This deeper relationship invariably leads to the opportunity to provide the full range of estate and business planning legal services.

At its heart the GunDocx System is an automated document drafting application that enables attorneys to prepare gun trusts specifically designed for the use, possession, and transfer of firearms. A “gun trust” or “NFA trust” is a purpose-built revocable living trust designed to help clients and their loved ones to comply with the unique and complex state and federal regulations governing the ownership and transfer of firearms. Failure to properly plan for the care of gun transfers may expose heirs or fiduciaries to federal prosecution. The GunDocx System is your guide to help them understand these legal and planning issues.

WealthCounsel members will recognize that the GunDocx assembly system operates very much like WealthDocx®, as it shares the same platform and programming and editorial styles. The GunDocx® CLE course provides the depth of legal knowledge required to get the full benefit of the GunDocx® drafting system.

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