Power up your productivity.

The backbone of a more profitable practice.

Only WealthCounsel members have access to WealthDocx, the nation's leading estate planning software. And only WealthDocx brings together world-class legal content with the collaborative input of thousands of estate planning attorneys-in one efficient, easy-to-use solution.

Put time on your side. WealthDocx takes productivity to a new level. So you can spend less of your valuable time compiling legal documents, more time with your clients.

Bring out the best in your practice. WealthDocx makes it easy to produce high-quality documents that reflect your clients' wishes in language they understand. The system's dynamic content does the heavy lifting-guiding you through the drafting process with simple instructions that ensure thorough, accurate documents.

Expand your practice without the need for additional staff. WealthDocx acts a catalyst to advance from basic estate planning to more complex tax and business planning strategies. It is the leading choice in trust software for attorneys. And because it also serves as a back-office drafting assistant, it reduces the need to hire additional staff to assemble complex documents.

Stay on top of your profession. When you're current, you're confident-and so are your clients. WealthDocx automatically keeps you up to date on the latest regulations, trends and best practices in estate planning across all 50 states and all levels of law.

5 Stars

Build a five-star practice.

WealthDocx is rated five stars by Trusts & Estates for overall functionality and delivering on its promise.

Marketing, Education, Community

Be well-connected.

WealthDocx is the foundation of WealthCounsel's total practice solution. It "connects the dots" across your practice-integrating your legal work with your WealthCounsel marketing, continuing education and community in one user-friendly environment. The result is a synergy of content, knowledge, resources and support that build on each other. Very smart.


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