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WealthCounsel’s legal document drafting technologies help you create customized, professional-level legal documents in a fraction of the time you would normally spend. Encompassing the latest, most relevant legal strategies, the legal management software generates documents that are comprehensive and comprehendible.

Continually Evolving

Designed with the expert input of thousands of industry professionals, our legal management software uses dynamic intelligence to guide you through the process of drafting accurate, up-to-date legal documents. Our current solutions include the following:

Wealth Docx is the nation’s leading estate planning software. From basic estate planning to more complex tax and business planning strategies, it helps you quickly draft customized, easy-to-understand documents for your clients.

Wealth Docx

Business Docx is the premier business planning and business succession document drafting solution. Business Docx helps you efficiently draft legal documents tailored to the needs of your small and mid-sized business clients.

Business Docx
“Legal Document Management Software for Lawyers

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Access to sophisticated document drafting software is just one of many membership benefits. Bring your practice to the next level of excellence—join the 3,600+ legal professionals who enjoy the ongoing education, practice marketing and support of this committed, vital community.

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