Management Team

Brett Pinegar

Brett Pinegar Chief Executive Officer
888.659.4069, #870
As CEO of The WealthCounsel Companies, Brett Pinegar understands WealthCounsel exists to help each member grow profitable and sustainable practices. Brett has served as CEO for several companies, including Akopia, a software company acquired by Red Hat, and as a consultant to many more. He brings tremendous experience and leadership to WealthCounsel and understands our mission and collegial culture.

Karl Clegg

Karl CleggVice President, Sales
888.659.4069, #834
As Vice President of Sales, Karl Clegg brings to the table over 25 years of Sales experience and leadership. Prior to his role at WealthCounsel, Karl served as Vice President of Sales at ContactPoint, AtTask and Ingenix (United Health Group). Karl earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Management at Brigham Young University, and has been able to use his education and experience to benefit various companies such as WordPerfect, PowerQuest, Symantec, Ingenix, and AtTask.

Sue Goldsworthy

Sue GoldsworthyVice President, Finance
888.659.4069, #835
As Vice President of Finance, Sue is responsible for the development of WealthCounsel’s financial management strategy as well as contributing to the development of the organization’s strategic goals. She brings over 23 years of experience in finance and technology, leading company operations and focusing on innovation and system integration. Sue also brings a strong appreciation for member experiences and understands the commitment that we have to help each member grow a successful practice. Receiving her BBA in Accounting from University of Wisconsin-Whitewater and her Associate degree from Madison Area Technical College (MATC) in programming, Sue is both a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and a Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA).

Matthew T. McClintock, J.D.

Matt McClintockVice President, Education and Supplemental Legal Content
888.659.4069, #802
Matt McClintock joined the team at WealthCounsel in July 2006 and currently serves as Vice President of Education. His personal mission - and the mission of the WealthCounsel education team - is to help attorneys be better attorneys by growing in knowledge and understanding, help them serve clients better by implementing more complete planning strategies, and enjoy their practices more through improved processes, happy and consistent client relationships, and strong relationships with collaborative advisors. Matt received his JD in 2000 from the University of Oklahoma Law School.

Jerry Touslee

Jerry TousleeVice President, Marketing
888.659.4069, #829
Jerry brings over 25 years of advertising and marketing experience to his leadership role at WealthCounsel. Throughout his prior career in the advertising agency world, Jerry developed successful, lasting partnerships with notable client companies such as Microsoft, Starbucks, Boeing, AT&T Wireless, Nissan, The Home Depot, Shell Oil and many other recognizable brand names. His innovative branding and communications planning strategies have resulted in industry awards and media recognition. A former copywriter, Jerry’s passion lies in bringing the most creative, innovative solutions to all marketing challenges. Jerry has a B.S. in Journalism from the University of Colorado Boulder.

Jackie Wertheimer, J.D.

Jackie WertheimerVice President, Legal Content
888.659.4069, #890
Jackie Wertheimer brings almost 25 years of experience in the legal information industry to her role of VP of Legal Content at WealthCounsel. In order to ensure that members have the content and the tools they need to be successful, Jackie takes a customer-centric approach to assessing priorities for documents, contextual guidance and workflow solutions. Jackie received a BA and MA from Queens College of the City University of New York and a JD from New York University School of Law.

Wendy Witt, Esq.

Wendy WittDirector of Advisors Forum
888.659.4069, #868
As Director of Advisors Forum, Wendy Witt's mission is to empower members to create and grow their ideal law businesses. She has a true passion for legal marketing mentoring. And, as a practicing estate planning attorney and member of Wealth Counsel herself, she’s spent the last 15 years identifying and implementing legal marketing best practices.