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January 11, 2013   News & Updates,   Executive Team Blog

Expanding The Advisors Forum

By Matthew T. McClintock, J.D.

As most of our members are aware, we will be delivering a major enhancement to WealthDocx in the next few weeks, and we are excited to formally unveil BusinessDocx later this spring. These are both major initiatives that we believe will help WealthCounsel members continue to grow their practices in compelling and profitable ways—particularly in light of ATRA 2012—and many of you have expressed a lot of interest in these projects.
Many Advisors Forum members have given us input on how we can make membership better, and that priority is the subject of this message.
The Advisors Forum, a WealthCounsel company since 2006, connects attorneys, financial advisors, CPAs, and other like-minded professionals in ways that are designed to help them collaboratively grow their practices with an intentional, client-centered approach to planning. This collaborative model served as the inspiration for our new Certified Collaborative Advisor (CCA™) self-study program designed specifically for financial professionals.  While mutual education and information sharing has been a key component of the collaborative model, we believe that The Advisors Forum would benefit enormously if the collaborative approach is married to an integrated planning, investing, reporting, and monitoring technology platform that would be cloud based, economical, and designed to get clients to move forward with planning strategies.
After many months of intensive effort, we are excited to announce that WealthCounsel and The Advisors Forum have formed a joint venture with Wealth Planning Consulting (WPC).  WPC has developed the Balance Sheet Methodology (BSM), which is a comprehensive financial, estate, and trust planning system that incorporates investment analysis, investment policy statements, portfolio building, client risk tolerance questionnaires, execution, portfolio rebalancing, reporting, monitoring, and proposal generation. This kind of system can offer tremendous practice-building benefits whether you are a practicing attorney or a financial professional.
Kirk Loury, WPC's founder and president, will be leading our new venture. From BSM's foundation, his team is integrating additional capabilities for our members, to include modeling of WealthDocx-specific trust options and provisions, as well as equipping members to serve clients holistically and continuously, rather than episodically. We have referred to this internally as providing a "continuum-of-care" to clients, and we want to better equip you to do that.
Over the coming weeks as we prepare to launch this joint venture, Kirk will be conducting tailored surveys of as many members who will participate—regardless of whether you're an Advisors Forum member. He will be soliciting feedback on the technology services we have identified and getting your direct input on how we can help you grow your practice in profitable ways. He will compile and catalog your ideas for further development as we expect that the joint venture will set a new standard in integration, capability, and economic value.
When you see the survey announcements made in the upcoming WealthCounsel and Advisors Forum weekly emails, please take a few moments to give us your thoughts. In the meantime, please contact your member services consultant to offer your comments and suggestions.
Thanks for your help,
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