Our Company

We take our role in the industry very seriously, and we believe that our members can “do well” while helping their clients “do good” for their families, for charities they care about, and for important causes. We believe in the value of estate planning done right, and we believe that WealthCounsel members are the best estate planning attorneys in the United States.

We believe in the importance of community and collegiality, and we believe in the axiom, “None of us is as smart as all of us.” That philosophy guides us in the daily operations of the company, and it guides us in how we innovate and learn from our members and others in our industry. We think that makes us a little different.

Since 1997 we have grown together with our members. We strive to develop and maintain compelling practice solutions to help our members increase their technical understanding, improve efficiencies, and entrepreneurially grow their practices. We have been fortunate to help many experienced attorneys improve their law firm operations, increase productivity, and standardize best practices, and we have seen many new estate planners increase their skill and confidence in serving clients.

We are honored to be a part of the success stories of so many great members’ lives, and we are excited to help lead our industry’s growth.

Your friends at WealthCounsel, LLC.