What Attorneys Must Do to Survive in a Digital Age


Episode Summary:

Today’s law firms are not immune to the constant changes in modern day technology. Clients have more options, more resources, more knowledge, and to be blunt-- they have the Internet. If they do not like the way they were greeted, the kind of services you offer, or the way your documents look, clients can (and most likely will) move onto the next attorney who meets their standards. To ensure your firm’s success, position yourself with proven legal marketing strategies, secure law office software, and sophisticated, client-friendly closing techniques to turn your consultation into a long-term client.

In this legal podcast, Michael Chasin, CEO of Lexicata, and host Patrick Carlson, JD, LLM, discuss why law firms need to ditch the Rolodex and go digital. They discuss the most common mistakes made in law firms, best attorney software to incorporate into your practice, how to decipher and optimize the unique legal sales cycle, and how to engage with your target audience from the moment they need you.

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Michael Chasin

About The Guest:

Michael Chasin is CEO of Lexicata, a legal customer relationship management (CRM) and client intake software designed to help law firms and lawyers increase client satisfaction. Michael is also co-founder of both LawKick.com and Lexicata.com. He received his B.S. in Business Administration with an emphasis in Entrepreneurship from the University of North Carolina and a JD/MBA from Loyola Law School.

Episode Details

Episode Key Points:

(00:32) What are some common problems with law firms implementing new technology?

(02:26) What are some of the common sales cycle issues?

(04:18) What can attorneys do to utilize their current list of potential clients?

(07: 40) What other attorney programs and legal resources can they use?

(11:20) For the non-tech-savvy attorneys, how can adding these resources be as simple as possible?

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Episode Takeaways:

Bring your firm into the digital age. It has become imperative for estate planning attorneys to get with the times and serve their clients’ changing needs. By increasing your firm's value, you can gain lasting relationships and meet your revenue goals. Check out Wealth Docx® online, which empowers you to draft accurately, efficiently, and securely—anywhere, anytime, from any device . See what’s included in the software, and schedule a demo today to see how it can benefit your clients and your practice!

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