The Equifax Breach: Getting Serious About Law Firm Cybersecurity


Episode Summary:

Given the recent Equifax security breach and devastating natural disasters, cybersecurity is a crucial concern for attorneys now more than ever. More than a technology issue or a misspelled word in a clause, it’s one of the biggest risks that law firms face in this digital age. Key areas of concern are loss of work materials, access to key systems and client documents, and confidentiality of client data.

Listen as Brett Pinegar, CEO of WealthCounsel, Stewart Shelline, Director of Enterprise Architecture, and Patrick Carlson, JD, LLM, discuss the critical importance of security in your law firm, ethical standards, online tools you can use to mitigate your risk, and how to effectively implement and manage your firm’s cyber security protocols.

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Brett Pinegar

About The Guest:

As CEO of WealthCounsel, Brett Pinegar helps estate planning and business planning attorneys achieve better results through exceptional planning and execution. He has more than 25 years of experience in business development, strategy, and leading mid to large organizations to success.

Stewart Shelline

About The Guest:

As the Director of Enterprise Architecture at WealthCounsel, Stewart Shelline is the architect behind multiple complex and highly visible online products where innovation resulted in significant gains in customer satisfaction, developer efficiency, and system maintainability.

Episode Details

Episode Key Points:

(00:20) How can law firms manage cybersecurity risks?

(04:02) How do you recognize the potential risks?

(10:04) What are the security protocols of Wealth Docx® online ?

(16:36) What are the ABA ethical standards?

(20:54) How do I begin to incorporate online security?

Episode Takeaways:

Be proactive. Be Prepared. Protect your practice and your clients with Wealth Docx online. Draft securely, accurately, and quickly from anywhere on any device, including tablets. Download a sample list of the options available with Wealth Docx.

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The Equifax Breach: Getting Serious About Law Firm Cybersecurity