How to Market Your Firm Using Social Media


Episode Summary:

Social media has been part of our daily lives for nearly a decade. At first, many lawyers were skeptical, believing that social media offered little value to their practices, but over the years, we can all admit that it has become a part of everyday culture. Many attorneys have delegated social media management to a “Digital Native,” trusting their brand image and voice to individuals who might be unqualified and hurt their public image.

In this legal podcast, Debbie Williams, the Chief Content Officer and Co-founder of a content marketing agency, and host Patrick Carlson, JD, LLM, discuss best practices and common mistakes when marketing on social media, who you should trust to control the channels, and a few tips to improve your professional social media presence.

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Debbie Williams

About The Guest:

Debbie is the Co-founder and Chief Content Officer for Sprout Content. She brings tremendous knowledge and a creative approach to help B2B businesses in complex or "unglamorous industries." After working for several years in the PR agency world in New York City, Debbie found her calling as a copywriter and launched a successful 10 year career working for top agencies and brands including Lippe Taylor,, Hearst Magazines,, Grey Advertising, LVMH Fragrance Brands (Marc Jacobs, Givenchy, Michael Kors) and KAO Brands Co. (John Frieda).

Episode Details

Episode Key Points:

(01:32) Why should law firms use social media?

(02:25) What types of social media are most relevant for law firms?

(03:35) What are some common mistakes you see attorneys making on social media?

(05:40) How will these mistakes affect a firm’s growth and brand image?

(07:30) What are some best practices for social media?

(09:10) What should an attorney avoid on social media?

(11:25) How does social media align with ethics and confidentiality?

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Episode Takeaways:

Check out Debbie Williams’ article in Forbes Magazine, “The Crucial Social Media Mistakes That Are Costing Your Company Business And Hurting Your Reputation”.

Like many successful attorneys, you're probably using multiple social networks —blogs, LinkedIn, Twitter, and others — to reach out to clients, prospective clients, and referral sources. But as your practice grows, how can you manage it all without adding staff? Download our free ebook “6 free tools you can use to help you do more with social media in less time and grow your law business.”


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