Risks & Rewards of Automated Document Creation


Episode Summary:

In an ideal world, your practice would experience substantial growth without risking the firm’s quality, investment, or image. Fortunately, with internet platforms that can be a benefit to any business, the risks of practice growth can be greatly mitigated. Advanced platforms, such as automated document drafting software, are allowing attorneys to expand their practices while providing high-quality, innovative services.

That’s not to say that building your services on these platforms is without its own set of potential hazards. Listen as Sarah Ostahowski discusses the risks and rewards that an automated document creation system has brought to her practice and some best practices that might work for you.

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Sarah Ostahowski, JD

About The Guest:

Sarah Ostahowski is a dedicated attorney who focuses on estate planning, probate, and estate administration. She has centered her practice on helping families plan for life’s unexpected circumstances. Sarah’s own diverse background helps her understand the differing circumstances, backgrounds, and lifestyles of her clients. She has been practicing for over 6 years and is a devoted member of WealthCounsel. To learn more about Sarah and her practice, check out her website.

Episode Details

Episode Key Points:

(00:35) - What is an automated document drafting system?

(03:10) - How does it benefit your practice?

(05:25) - Does ethics or confidentiality play a role?

(06:51) - What are the risks?

(10:30) - I heard these systems are expensive. How will I profit from this?

(12:15) - Are they customizable?

(13:50) - What does Patrick use?

(16:00) - Closing comments

Episode Takeaways:

Ditch the old copy and paste. Check out Wealth Docx® online, which enables you to draft securely, accurately, and quickly from anywhere on any device, including tablets. Download a sample list of the options available with Wealth Docx.

Get more legal knowledge you can use from our podcast host, Patrick Carlson. He will be at Symposium 2017 in Hollywood, California October 3-6. Register to attend his session,“Foundations of Estate Planning.” Patrick will explore the fundamentals of estate planning, basic concepts of trusts and estates, and tips for success. His course will help you increase efficiency and serve your clients better!


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