Passport to International Planning & Practice Growth


Episode Summary:

In a year of change and uncertainty, international planning has emerged as another practice growth opportunity for trusts and estates attorneys. Given the shift away from the federal transfer tax and rapidly increasing globalization, planning for non-US citizens is more relevant than ever and allows estate planning attorneys to better serve a diversity of clients.

Listen as Jonathan Mintz, JD, and Patrick Carlson, JD, LLM (Taxation), discuss the growing importance of international planning, common strategies you can use, traps to avoid, and how to effectively incorporate strategic international planning into your practice.

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Jonathan A. Mintz, JD

About The Guest:

Jonathan splits his time between Colorado and Southern California, where he focuses on estate planning, long-term trust design and implementation, asset protection, and strategic international tax planning. He is a frequent author and national speaker, Adjunct Faculty at the Chapman University Fowler School of Law, and immediate Past Chair of STEP-Orange County. He is a member of the California Bar Association, the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners, WealthCounsel, and ElderCounsel. To learn more about Jonathan, visit his website.

Episode Details

Episode Key Points:

(00:26) - Why is international planning so important in today’s world?

(01:28) - How is planning for foreigners different than it is for citizens?

(02:50) - How might a tax treaty adjust some of the default rules in the transfer taxes?

(04:46) - What are some common strategies to use when planning for foreigners?

(06:10) - What are some traps for the unwary in this planning area?

(08:40) - How can attorneys learn more about these international issues?

Episode Takeaways:

Dig deeper into the challenges and opportunities of planning for non-US citizens in this WealthCounsel Quarterly article by Jonathan, "What Every Estate Planner Should Know About Planning for Non-US Citizens."

Stay on top of what’s trending and topical in trusts and estates, business law, and tax planning, and join Jonathan October 3-6 at Symposium 2017 in Hollywood. He’ll be leading two sessions: “An Estate Planner, Business Planner, and Tax Attorney Walk into a Bar,” and “Understanding the New Uniform Voidable Transactions Act and Its Impact on Asset Protection Planning” that will give you insights and strategies you can put into practice immediately. Use the code MINTZYFRESH to save $150 off your registration!


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