Creating Urgency in the Millennial Market


Episode Summary:

Ever wonder how to get more clients? Millennials are your answer! In fact, millennials now make up ~25% of the U.S. population and present a range of opportunities for trusts and estates attorneys. But how do you reach them? Millennial goals and priorities are different; smart attorneys will want to get up to speed on the millennial market and the messages that resonate with them. Decode the millennial market with help from this podcast.

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Martha Hartney, JD

About The Guest:

Martha has been practicing estate planning in Colorado for over seven years—consistently and joyfully connecting parents to a deeper essence of estate planning that transforms a traditionally austere process into one of liberation and bonding. She has dominated the millennial market in her area and hopes to educate attorneys on what the millennial market means and how important it is to include in your practice.

To learn more about Martha and her firm, visit her website.

Episode Details

Episode Key Points:

(00:34) - Who is the millennial market?

(08:54) - Why market to millennials for estate planning?

(11:36 ) - What's important to and motivating for millennials?

(13:40) - How to serve them well so they send all their friends to you.

(14:50) - How do you get started?

(16:00) - Closing comments

Episode Takeaways:

Check out this week’s post, “Why Millennials are Essential to Growing Your Estate Planning Practice,” by Patrick Carlson on the WealthCounsel Blog.

Want more Martha? She will be hosting the WealthCounsel webinar “How to Create a User Experience that Wows Clients, Makes You Unstoppable, and Puts Money in Your Bank" on August 8th at 12:00 PM, ET. Click here to register!


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