Peer Groups

Running a law firm can be a lonely proposition. The pace is fast, your time is stressed, and you may feel like you are the primary person in all three major roles within the law firm – the producer, the originator, and the administrator. Your business will begin to blossom if you get out of the way and let others succeed. How do you do this? It was never taught in law school.

What are Peer Groups?

WealthCounsel Attorney Peer Groups are a unique forum where you collaborate with successful, similarly situated attorneys from different geographic regions, with the goal of helping you take your practice to the next level.

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Why Join Peer Groups

The peer or mastermind group concept is a method of collaborating to understand and implement best practices across all three major roles. It helps you to migrate these roles to others while managing them and facilitates the transition of your job as a lawyer into a real law firm.

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"[WealthCounsel Peer Group] has been critical in my development of processes and systems around sales and marketing efforts, production of legal work product and finance and administration. In essence, we are a group of lawyers committed to each other's success .... we share our tools, processes and best practices, track critical ratios and metrics and help each other achieve our quarterly commitments. My group has members from all around the country but no other member is geographically competitive with me. It is not an exaggeration to say that I have learned more about the business of running a law firm in the last three years than I did in my first twenty-five years of practice."

- WealthCounsel and Peer Group member, Tom Flannagan