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A listserv hosted by WealthCounsel is an email discussion group dedicated to topics of interest for estate planning professionals. Each "subscriber" may contribute to the discussion by sending an email to the list. All contributions are automatically forwarded to each subscriber on the list.

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  • Listserv Descriptions

    Below is a description of each list. You will receive the corresponding email address for the listserv after you subscribe.

    You must subscribe before you can post to a list. 

    Public Listservs

    • Listserv - WealthCounsel Listserv: open to estate planning professionals (attorneys and non-attorneys) to exchange information related to Estate Planning.
    • Technology - WealthCounsel Technology Listserv: open to attorneys and non-attorneys to exchange information related to technology.
    • State Specific - Created for State user's groups to exchange estate planning and Wealth Docx drafting information.

      The following states currently have a state specific listserv: Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Illinois, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Michigan, Missouri, New England, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Northwest, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Washington, Wisconsin.

      The following regions currently have a specific listserv: Mid-Atlantic (VA, MD, DE, PA, NJ, & DC), Northern New England (ME, NH, VT)
    • Faith-Based - WealthCounsel Faith-Based Listserv: open to attorneys and non-attorneys to exchange information related to faith and religion
    • ElderLaw - ElderCounsel Listserv: focused on issues related to the elderly population.

    Listserv Rules of Engagement

    The listservs have been created to foster communication and a sense of community within the WealthCounsel membership.  They are intended to provide a safe place to gather and share common experiences as well as ask and answer substantive law or practice development/management questions as is appropriate to the particular listserv.  

    Please keep in mind that participation on the listservs is a privilege, and for everyone’s comfort, use, and enjoyment. There are, of course, rules of engagement.  Think of the listserv as the WealthCounsel living room and behave as you would in a colleague’s home.  

    Here’s what we expect from you:

    Etiquette I:  The Basics

    Treat others the way you would want to be treated.

    • Be nice.  Treat all others as you would want to be treated.

    • Always communicate with collegiality and professionalism in mind.  (It’s okay to disagree, just do it with a full level of respect.)

    • If you are angry or annoyed, do not post.  

    • If in doubt, don’t post.

    • Use traditional capitalization - no “shouting.”

    • Stay focused on the topic of the particular listserv to which you are posting.

    • Identify your message with an appropriate subject line.

    • Do not send “thank you,” “me too,”  or “I’m interested” messages. Feel free to send those privately to the original poster, but don’t clutter the listserv with those messages.

    • If your reply does not benefit the entire group, don’t make it publicly.  Send a private email instead.

    • Use a full business signature (name, firm name, email, phone, address) on every email message, including those from your phone.

    • Do not include active emoticons, animated graphics, embedded solicitations, ActiveX controls or Java applets, or similar effects.

    • Never use an out of office auto-responder on a listserv email address. You can manage your own listserv subscriptions and unsubscribe for a period of time.

    • Post only about the law or law business development and management, as appropriate to the particular listserv.  No jokes and no political, religious, or sexual comments.

    Etiquette II:  No Promotion

    Promotion leaves others out and makes many folks feel uncomfortable.  

    • Do not self promote to colleagues in your content or signature block.  List only basic contact information, including law firm or advisor firm only.

    • Unless you are employed by the WealthCounsel companies and are promoting a WealthCounsel offering, no selling or promotion of services outside the WealthCounsel companies directly or indirectly.

    • Do not promote yourself or others outside the WealthCounsel companies in your content or signature block.

    • If you need a referral, check the WealthCounsel member directory first.

    • If a colleague asks for a referral on the listserv, respond privately.

    The Law

    Part of being respectful to others includes honoring their legal rights, work, and privacy.

    • Post only materials to which you own the intellectual property or have the right to distribute.

    • Do not post documents or scenarios with a client name.  

    Where to Get Help

    The listserv is the perfect place to provide and receive input on substantive law as well as practice development and management issues.  Our community has huge value and makes us the largest estate planning “firm” in the world.  It let’s you know you’re not alone and even if you’re a solopreneur, you always have access to your colleagues.  

    There are, however, some issues that are just not appropriate for the listserv.  We’ve covered  basic etiquette, promotion, and the law above.  Now, it’s time to show you where to get help on content, benefit, administrative, and fulfillment issues.  It’s easy.  Always go to Member Services.  They’ll either help you or get you to the person who can help you ASAP.  During business hours, Member Services answers calls live 95% of the time, which means you get help immediately.

    To be specific:

    • Do not ask for company support or make benefit suggestions on the listserv.  While your suggestions are incredibly important to us, they may not be heard on the listserv.  Instead, direct your inquiry or suggestion to or (888) 659-4069 Ext. #818.

    • Do not ask for document content support or software support on the listserv.  To emphasize, while your suggestions and questions are incredibly important to us, they may not be heard on the listserv. Instead, please direct your inquiry or suggestion to  or (888) 659-4069 Ext. #801.

    • Do not complain or vent.  Instead, direct your thoughts, in a professional manner, to the party who can solve your problem, or (888) 659-4069 Ext. #818.  We care what you think, the good, the bad, and the ugly, but strive to keep a positive environment for everyone’s well-being.


    WealthCounsel provides access to an exclusive group of professionals.  If you want to be a part of the group, you are required to be cordial and professional at all times. If you act in a disruptive manner or do not meet the topical and spirit of the forum, you are subject to removal.

    Any threat to use the listserv in an inappropriate manner will be taken seriously and you will be immediately removed.  

    If you have any questions or concerns about the listserv rules of engagement or any WealthCounsel benefits, please direct your inquiry to or (888) 659-4069 Ext. #818.  We’ll make sure you get the answers you need.

    These rules of engagement have been established to increase the comfort and benefit of all of us being in one place.  We look forward to your lively listserv participation in our livingroom.  

    Thank you for being a WealthCounsel member.

  • How to Access the Archives?
    The Listserv archives are a WealthCounsel member benefit. If you are a WealthCounsel member, select the Listserv Archives link under the Listservs navigational category.

    How to Post a Message?
    To post a message, email the Listserv group from the email account you subscribed with. For example, to post to the public WealthCounsel Listserv, send an email to

    How to Update Your Listserv Email Address or Modify Your Subscription?
    Contact Provide us with your old email address, new email address, and groups you are subscribed to.