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Call for Articles - July 2013

The WealthCounsel Quarterlyis published in January, April, July, and October. It is a communication tool through which WealthCounsel members can share legal expertise with their colleagues while enhancing their professional exposure within the estate planning community. Members are invited to contribute a legal/technical article or a column on practice-building strategies for the July 2013 issue. Article length should be an average of 800-1000 words.
Publishing deadlines for the July 2013 issue of The WealthCounsel Quarterly
05-06-13: Submit topic idea to reserve space in the layout 

06-03-13: Articles Due 

Reserve space by sending an email to Marlene Frith.

Please note that WealthCounsel holds the copyright to articles that are published in The WealthCounsel Quarterly. Certain articles may be selected at our discretion for republishing in other WealthCounsel materials.
 The WealthCounsel Quarterly Putting Personal Residences into an FLP or FLLC: A No-No
By:  Jeffrey R. Matsen, Esq.

Joint Trusts in a Separate Property State: Time For A Second Look?
By:  Teresa Nuccio, Esq. and Robert P. Wolfson, Esq., CPA

Donor Advised Funds and the Philanthropic Life
By:  Todd N. Hallock, J.D.

Are Your Marketing Efforts Turning to Dollars?
By:  Mark Powers and Shawn McNalis, Atticus, Inc.

Carpe Diem (Seize the Day)
By:  Kevin D. Quinn, J.D.

Adding Maintenance Elements to the Estate Plan Checklist
By:  Ruth Ryan-Cruz, Esq.

Equine Protection and Planning Tools
By:   AJ Fudge, Esq.

Build an Estate Planning Practice You Love That Makes Great Money and Gives You Control Over Your Schedule With a New Law Business Model
By:  Alexis Neely, J.D.

Asset Protecting a Child’s Inheritance
By:  Brenda Geiger, J.D.

Ohio’s New Asset Protection Trust Will Attract Clients Within and Outside of Ohio
By:  Brian C. Layman, JD, CPA, M.Tax and Charles H. McClenaghan, Esq.

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The Intersection of Estate and Business Planning:
The Sweet Spot that Helps Generate Additional Client Business
By:  Matthew T. McClintock, J.D., CEO and Jonathan A. Mintz, J.D., COO

Deepening Client Relationships with Life PlanningBusiness Model Innovation
Create Growth in Your Practice by Combining Strategic Assets

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A Gun Trust Helps Protect Your Client from “An Accidental Felony”
Be sure to read WealthCounsel Principal Dennis Brislawn’s article published in the February issue of Trusts & Estates.

May 15, 2013 • Thought Leader Series Webcast
Deepening Client Relationships with Life Planning
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Featured Speaker: George D. Kinder, CFP®

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