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Accelerate your success.

WealthCounsel takes a fresh approach to education. We combine relevant content with practical application. So you can quickly incorporate new skills and understanding. Grow your practice more efficiently and profitably. And take care of your clients in ways that really matter to them.

Gain practical, relevant knowledge you can use right away. We believe in the power of actionable education with immediate value-which is why our members are known to make big strides in a short amount of time. What you learn ON Friday, you can put into use on Monday.

Learn from the best-online, in person, at your convenience. WealthCounsel Institute garners the professional knowledge and business insight of top estate planning attorneys and educators. Our curriculum offers the profession's greatest breadth and depth of legal, technical and practice development courses. From live continuing legal education seminars and one-to-one coaching to on-demand webcasts and member-led forums, you can access just what you need, just when you need it. Whatever your level of estate planning expertise

Stay informed and up to date. The faster things change in estate planning law, the more crucial it is have an effective way to stay in touch. Together with Wealth Docx software, WealthCounsel Institute makes it easy to stay current, keep your clients up to date, and take advantage of emerging opportunities.

Academic Exchange

Count on our Academic Exchange for continuing legal education throughout the life of your practice. It's not just what you learn, it's how you learn that makes a difference. Flexible formats let you choose whatever tools, resources and presentation modes are best for you. Great teachers, compelling course design and practical application shorten the learning curve by presenting complex topics in understandable ways.

Practice Lab

Your WealthCounsel membership gives you access to the mentoring and coaching programs that are popular offerings of WealthCounsel Institute and our team of consultants. Through these one-to-one and small group programs, our practice coaching experts work directly with you in a more personal educational format to help you build and run a successful practice. It's like a laboratory for you and your business.


Anytime, anywhere, a simple online search of our Library gives you access to WealthCounsel's deep and wide knowledge base of legal content, commentary and practical estate planning expertise. You'll find thought leader webcasts, research reports, industry trend surveys, white papers, articles and much more.


Of all the educational forums we present, the WealthCounsel annual symposium is the premier event for estate planning professionals. Join dynamic education sessions that focus on practical strategies you can use right away. Connect with hundreds of colleagues. Learn how to grow your practice from top estate planning professionals. Come away with ready strategies for building richer client relationships and a more profitable practice.

Grow yourself, grow your practice.

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