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November 13, 2012   WealthDocx®

Making Submissions to the Knowledge Base

By Thomas J. Ray, Jr., JD

Question:  I have a document that I think could be useful to other Members.  How do I submit it to the Knowledge Base?

Answer:  WealthCounsel encourages our Members to make submissions to the Knowledge Base.  What is the Knowledge Base?  The Knowledge Base is a web-based repository of various documents and language provisions submitted by our Members that do not become part of the WealthDocxs® document creation System.  WealthCounsel has described its purpose this way:

In keeping with WealthCounsel’s commitment to promote collegiality and excellence among the estate planning community, Members have access to various documents, presentations, and other materials that are not part of the WealthDocx system.  Materials have been submitted by members, a gesture that has become the hallmark of the WealthCounsel Member philosophy that sharing and learning from each other will only make each of us stronger.
You can access the Knowledge Base after you log in as a Member on the WealthCounsel website at  You can gain access to the Knowledge Base through the “Resources” tab:

The Knowledge Base contains the following kinds of document and language provisions in the “Document Forms and Sample Provisions” portion of the Base:

How do you submit language to the Knowledge Base?  We asked Website Manager Rachel Giblin, who told us, “To submit a document, there is an ‘Add a New Document’ link at the upper right side of the Knowledge Base.  Click on this and a light box will come up with fields the Member needs to fill out (title, description, keywords, file type, category).  This is also where you choose the file from your computer, and upload it.  Hit save.  After the document is approved, it should appear in the Knowledge Base in approximately 24 hours.  New documents appear at the top of the ‘Most Recent’ items when you enter the Knowledge Base.”

We hope you will use the Knowledge Base freely and often, and will submit documents or language you think will be useful to your fellow Members.

I hope this helps.

Yours for better drafting,

Thomas Ray
Executive Editor and Legal Support Manager
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