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A listserv hosted by WealthCounsel is an email discussion group dedicated to topics of interest for estate planning professionals. Each "subscriber" may contribute to the discussion by sending an email to the list. All contributions are automatically forwarded to each subscriber on the list.

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  • Listserv Descriptions

    Below is a description of each list. You will receive the corresponding email address for the listserv after you subscribe.

    You must subscribe before you can post to a list. 

    Public Listservs

    • Listserv - WealthCounsel Listserv: open to estate planning professionals (attorneys and non-attorneys) to exchange information related to Estate Planning.
    • Technology - WealthCounsel Technology Listserv: open to attorneys and non-attorneys to exchange information related to technology.
    • State Specific - Created for State user's groups to exchange estate planning and Wealth Docx drafting information.

      The following states currently have a state specific listserv: Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Illinois, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Michigan, Missouri, New England, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Northwest, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Washington, Wisconsin.

      The following regions currently have a specific listserv: Mid-Atlantic (VA, MD, DE, PA, NJ, & DC), Northern New England (ME, NH, VT)
    • Faith-Based - WealthCounsel Faith-Based Listserv: open to attorneys and non-attorneys to exchange information related to faith and religion
    • ElderLaw - ElderCounsel Listserv: focused on issues related to the elderly population.
  • Guidelines

    WealthCounsel’s listservs are an opportunity to communicate, network, and collaborate on practice issues with other member attorneys nationwide. More experienced members and niche specialists are a valuable resource to new and transitioning attorneys. To keep the listservs in top working order, please follow these guidelines.

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    Please post your inquiry to the one listserv you think is most relevant. If you want to change an existing thread topic, be sure to change the subject line.

    Share practice tools on listservs.

    Listserv participants often share forms, notes, schematics, and other valuable files. WealthCounsel may use a posted file for the benefit of WealthCounsel members in any way. Typically, we archive selected materials to the Knowledge Base. We may edit the file for form and basic content. When possible, we credit the contributor and the author. If the posted material is subject to a copyright held by someone other than the person who posts the file to the listserv, we will obtain the consent of the copyright holder before posting the materials.

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    E-mail reminders:

    • Make sure all your posts to a listserv include your full business signature (name, title, mailing address, and email address).
    • Use traditional capitalization, punctuation, and proper grammar.
    • Please do not include active emoticons, animated graphics, embedded solicitations, ActiveX controls or Java applets, or similar effects in your emails.
    • Reply directly to the person who posted a message if your response is not a general reply to the listserv.
    • Be sure your subject line identifies the message.
    • Configure your email to prevent any kind of automated responses. If you must use an Out of Office auto reply at any time, be sure to contact us at and we will temporarily remove your email address from the listservs.
    • Please don’t post offensive comments, jokes, political or religious commentaries, or any other information not relevant to the law.

    Thank you for your cooperation and participation in WealthCounsel’s listserv community.

  • Listserv FAQs

    How to Access the Archives?
    The Listserv archives are a WealthCounsel member benefit. If you are a WealthCounsel member, select the Listserv Archives link under the Listservs navigational category.

    How to Post a Message?
    To post a message, email the Listserv group from the email account you subscribed with. For example, to post to the public WealthCounsel Listserv, send an email to

    How to Update Your Listserv Email Address or Modify Your Subscription?
    Contact Provide us with your old email address, new email address, and groups you are subscribed to.