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August 1, 2012   Revocable Living Trust

Creating Ancillary Documents Only

By Thomas J. Ray, Jr., JD

We’ve Been Asked . . .
Question:  “I want to prepare only a power of attorney and medical directive for someone.  The ancillary document screen for the DPOA is taking me to fill in all of the RLT info.

Answer:  The member needs only some of the ancillary documents that accompany the creation of a revocable living trust or a Will as the primary estate planning documents, without creating the primary document.  This is actually easy to accomplish. 

In WealthDocx7®, both the Will and RLT modules include these ancillary legal documents—Durable Power of Attorney, Health Care Power of Attorney, HIPAA Authorization, Living Will, and Personal Property Memorandum.  The RLT module also includes the Pour-Over Will, Certificate of Trust, and various assignments and property agreement.  (Both modules also include several non-legal documents such as portfolio inserts, names and fiduciary summaries, funding instructions, etc.)  

There are two ways to create ancillary legal documents without a primary document; which way you use depends on how many ancillary documents you need to create.

1.  Creating Multiple Ancillary Documents

If you want to produce multiple ancillary documents at once, keep in mind that the software “assumes” that you will also want to create the primary legal document as well – either the Revocable Living Trust or the Will. 

First, select the module from which you will to create the specific ancillary documents you want to create.  Let’s assume you have picked the RLT module.  Go to the ancillary documents interview:

After you click “Ancillary Documents Interview,” you will see this:

Remember, the WealthDocx7® “thinks” you want to create a Revocable Living Trust, even though you really don’t want to draft that document.  So, you will have the fill out the information in the red box.  For the “Revocable Living Trust Options,” it really doesn’t matter what you fill in.  But the information for Attorney, Grantor (and Spouse, if married) and “names” is important, because you will need that information for the ancillary documents you create. 

Once you provide that information, you will see this:

Although you will see dialogues for the “Living Trust Agreement” and “Signing date” information, you can skip those, and click “Ancillary documents:”

Then, check the documents you want to create, and fill out the dialogue for those documents only.  After you have completed those dialogues, complete the applicable information in Witness Information, Notary Information, Layout Options, and Document assembly.  The system will then only create the two documents you have selected.

2.  Creating only one Ancillary Document

If you only need to create one ancillary document, you can employ another method.  Instead of going into the Ancillary Document module and selecting only one of the documents, go directly to the document and input the information.

For example, let’s assume the you only want to create a Durable Power of Attorney.  In that case, go to either the RLT or the Will module and select the actual Durable Power of Attorney document, NOT the ancillary document module.

Not here:

But here:


When you open the document, you will see this:

Click on the “Durable Power of Attorney” button on the left, and it will take you into the Durable Power of Attorney module.

Fill out the dialogue information to design your document, and complete the Witness Information, Notary Information, Layout Options, and Document Assembly dialogues.  The software will then create only the Durable Power of Attorney document.

I hope this helps.

Yours for better drafting,

Thomas Ray, J.D., CFP®
Executive Editor & Legal Support Manager
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