The Five Star Practice Solution

As a membership organization of more thousands of attorneys, we offer practitioners like you the opportunity to be part of a highly-respected organization where you have access to a wide range of back-office resources and a large pool of experienced attorneys committed to your success.

Through our collective wisdom and a collegial environment, you can practice with peace of mind knowing that your membership in WealthCounsel is your life-line to resources similar to those found in the big box law firms.

We are here to create value for our members, and we do that through our Five-Star Practice Solution as follows:
  • As the cornerstone of your membership, WealthDocx® will become your back-office drafting assistant as you prepare high-quality estate plans in a fraction of the time.
  • Our collaborative community of practitioners and listserv participants will provide you with a sense of comfort and confidence that you are not alone in exploring solutions to client problems.
  • Our educational curriculum will empower you with relevant knowledge than can be readily applied in addressing client solutions.
  • Our practice resources will assist you in furthering your competency and improving operational efficiencies.
  • And our highly-responsive customer and technical support team stands ready to rapidly address your questions and concerns as you seek to maximize your membership experience.
Let us help you create value in your practice. Contact us today and begin experiencing the many benefits of membership in WealthCounsel.

StarWealthDocx® Automated Document Drafting System

  • A complete document creation system for Wills, Revocable Living Trusts, Irrevocable Trusts, Partnership Agreements and many more Ancillary and supporting documents
  • Legal and technical support for drafting WealthDocx plans
  • —all for one competitive price
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StarCollaborative Network of Thousands of Attorneys

An annual estate planning conference, daily participation on listservs, and co-counsel opportunities enable members to:
  • Develop the confidence that comes with belonging to a leading organization
  • Brainstorm with other practitioners
  • Increase fee revenue through expanded practice areas and referrals
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StarRelevant CLE Courses (Fundamental thru Advanced) and Practice Management Courses

  • WealthCounsel's Estate Planning Curriculum, a complete set of workshops on estate planning
  • Practice-building seminars, which teach a unique and proven client- and referral-driven process in just one day
  • Practice management tools and resources including the WealthCounsel Rainmakers™ program, a series of teleconferences and group coaching classes, reasonably packaged and priced to pay as your needs arise
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StarListserv, Leimberg Newsletters, Knowledge Base/Resource Center

  • Listserv gives members an opportunity to share legal and technical advice from the convenience of their desktops
  • Leimberg Information Services Inc. (LISI) provides newsletters with fast, frank, and incisive analysis of proposed, recent and past legislation, cases and rulings
  • Knowledge Base that includes unique provisions such as incentive clauses, pet trusts and more; state-specific documents; marketing presentations and PowerPoint slides
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StarDistinctive Customer Service, Tech Support, and Training

  • Highly responsive legal technical and software support
  • Comprehensive software training tools and online webinars that give you and your staff the flexibility to learn how to use WealthDocx on your own schedules and desktops
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